10 Things Evan

It’s Evan’s 41st birthday on Saturday you guys!

And since we are blogging much more frequently now than before and you are probably getting to know Evan a little bit more now that he’s not clocking 14 hour days at his gym, I thought it’d be fun to share 10 things about Evan.

The first 5 are written my me, and the second 5 are written by Evan himself.

Hope you enjoy!

Evan getting his Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certificate


  1. I'm a retired professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Prior to cage fighting, I had 40 amateur Muay Thai fights.

7. I will fight anyone, but I won't play football or baseball because they're dangerous, and I don't want to injure myself.

8. I attended UCLA for Electrical Engineering. After my third year, I decided to drop Electrical Engineering, switch my major to Philosophy, and join a fraternity instead. I wanted the real college experience, including sorority girls and frat parties.

9. I don't like drinking. I drink maybe once a year and only if I'm forced to in a social setting, i.e. if the whole room is chanting my name at a frat party.

10. I’ve had braces 3 times, silver metal braces twice and Invisalign once.

The real Evan: a big, kind, warm teddy bear.


  1. Evan wakes up at 5am every single day. I think it’s remnants of his military life. Evan is a former Marine.

  2. I forced Evan to do Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training with me 7 years ago. I told him that I was going to “out grow” him if he didn’t do the training with me. LOL! It was like a 9 month program. What a good man!

  3. Evan looooooves to make people laugh. His #5 strength (in the Clifton’s Strength Finders Test) is Woo. It used always annoy me how he’d chat up ever single person at the grocery checkout stand, or take the time to say hello to everyone the room. Now I understand that it’s part of his unique blueprint and I love to watch him do it.

  4. Evan is VERY competitive. I am too. It makes for some interesting dynamics when we are working together.

  5. This former Marine and retired professional cage fighter is actually very sensitive. He cries at most proposal videos on YouTube and just shed some tears the other day while watching the new Lion King Movie preview.

Evan’s alter ego: the professional cage fighter. His nickname was “Evil.”

Now Evan goes around sharing essential oils with his friends from the gym.

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