5 Oil Blends for Your Thyroid (Free Download!)

Yes, over 20 million Americans have thyroid issues. Many more struggle with a symptom list of fatigue, hair loss, irritability, insomnia, weight gain or sluggish digestion, who fail to get proper diagnosis.

If you want to streamline the investigation process for yourself, ask your doctor for a full thyroid workup at your next appointment.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you today my Top 5 Oil Blends for Your Thyroid. This way, if you’re struggling to feel well, you at least have some natural remedies you can whip up at home and start using.

THIS is the true essence of healing: getting in touch with your body, asking what it needs support in, and then bringing Mother Nature’s plant therapies into your daily rituals. Watch your body rally. It’s a miracle in and of itself.

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5 Essential Oil Blends for Your Thyroid

Thyroid Cooling Blend: This powerful blend supports healthy thyroid tissue, cools inflammation and promotes healthy immune activity.

Refresh + Renew: When you need to hit the “refresh and renew” button on your energy, roll this blend across your forehead and onto your collar bones.

Fluid + Free: Reach for this blend when you’re feeling bogged down with overwhelm and embrace the calm confidence within.

Surrendered Sleep: Let your thoughts melt away as you sink into the sacred moments of your bedtime ritual. These oils help to release worry and embrace relaxation, helping you to drift off into the abyss of a good night’s sleep.

Happy Belly: Release the tension in your tummy and promote healthy digestive patterns with this belly balancing recipe.

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