This Season's BEST Combos for Allergies

Today, we’re diving into a hot topic for this time of year…


This year, in particular, seems to be the worst allergy season in a long time, so we wanted to bring you our best natural remedies for allergy relief.

Due to their natural pathogenic and immune supporting properties, using oils over time can remodel the flora, or the immune reactivity, that line your sinuses, lungs, and digestive tract. Although this isn’t a cure for allergies, it does support your body’s natural immunity to restore balance and harmony.

Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint

Lemon decongests the liver.

In Chinese Medicine, allergies are often connected to a congested liver. Lemon decongests the liver and helps to speed up detoxification. Additionally, Lemon oil can help to stop a runny nose. Dilute Lemon oil in coconut oil or carrier oil of choice and apply behind ears.

Hot water with Lemon and honey is excellent and tasty to sip on when dealing with allergy stuffiness, too. It provides relief and helps to keep your mind feeling more clear and less like those foggy images on allergy commercials.

Lavender soothes irritation.

Over the counter decongestants can leave us feeling drowsy and less than capable of driving or sitting behind the computer to work. Lavender relieves to itchiness without the side effects of over the counter drugs.

If itchiness and irritation are bothering you, try sipping on hot water with honey and a drop of Lavender throughout the day. It's excellent!

Peppermint is nature’s decongestant.

Peppermint opens up your airways, helps you to feel awake, and relieves feelings of fatigue and frustration related to blocked airways.

How To Use This Combination

Option 1

Place 1 drop of each oil under your tongue.

Repeat every hour as needed.

I have to warn you, this combination is SUPER STRONG. However, this was actually my first experience with essential oils! I'll never forget the instant relief I felt from this powerful combination of oils.

As someone who experienced allergies every day no matter the season, I used to use this combination 3 to 5 times per day. I found that after using this combo daily for four months, I never "had allergies" again. Now, I only experience flare-ups two or three times per year! This change occurred because essential oils help to remodel the flora and immune system's reactivity when used consistently over time.

I hope this combination works for you in the same way it worked for me!

Option 2

Dilute 1 drop of each oil with coconut oil and apply over your temples and your chest or the back of your neck.

Inhale the oils through your nose and mouth, too.

Option 3

Apply 1 drop of each oil to the bottoms of your feet.

Option 4

Diffuse 1 drop of each oil.

Feel free to experiment with each of these options on its own or use them in combination with one another.

Be sure to check in with your body to see what works best for you!

For more information about these powerful natural allergy remedies, check out our video below.