Why I'm Starting a Radically Different Natural Medicine Practice

You might have heard or maybe you’ve experienced it for yourself: The modern medical model is bulky, broken and inefficient. The premiums are expensive, the results usually lack luster and the “solutions” fail to address the root cause of any dis-ease.

This is all made manifest and obvious in our apparent over reliance on prescription medication, which clearly isn’t fixing many long term health issues since we are currently seeing a rapid rise in diabetes, obesity, autoimmunity and thyroid disorders.

We have access to more medication than ever before and yet, these diseases are skyrocketing. It’s clear that the approach and the solutions need a rejuvenation face lift.

This is why I’m starting True Wellness Clinic.

True Wellness Clinic is a fresh, convenient and simple approach for the modern woman (or man), looking to streamline her path to wellness.

At True Wellness Clinic, we offer something called Functional Medicine, where we focus on uncovering the root cause factors that caused the health issues at hand, and then use natural remedies to help the body restore balance and optimize function.

At True Wellness Clinic, we work with labs who use cutting edge technology to evaluate what’s happening inside the body at a cellular level. Our evaluation goes beyond what most conventional practices are accessing. We take the time to analyze those lab results through a functional, holistic lens.

Better yet, our services are offered online. We meet through the computer screen, where physical markers like eye assessment (iridology), nails (for mineral and vitamin status) and tongue appearance can reveal much about what’s happening inside the body.

Additionally, online appointment access makes meeting with me, Dr. Melissa, a seamless addition to your busy day. Why add the stress of traffic and travel to the already full schedule of the modern woman?

Why add the stress of traffic and travel

to the already full schedule of the modern woman?

What is Functional Medicine?

I chose the career path of Functional Medicine because I personally experienced the inefficiency of the modern medical system. I was shuffled around from doctor to doctor, shrugged off as a “typical” woman in her 20’s with heavy fatigue, chronic bloating and major metabolic issues.

I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I stumbled into the then blossoming field of Functional Medicine when I was trying to find real solutions for myself.

What is most profound about Functional Medicine is that it addresses two critical pillars, both pivotal in achieving any long term results for all health challenges:

  1. Nutrition, and how food plays a critical role in the healing trajectory of any case
  2. Natural solutions, which work to help “reset” the body

Conventional medicine fails to educate, guide or support patients in understanding either of these two critical factors. For example, your digestive issues are not is not a Miralax deficiency. However, your conventional doctor has likely failed to mention the multiple lifestyle factors that contribute to digestive issues, probably not reviewed the eating habits that can promote digestive challenges nor been able to offer lifestyle recommendations that can remedy your digestive issues.

Conventional doctors haven’t been taught about these natural solutions, so how can they possibly share the information with you?

The Functional Medicine toolkit is much more comprehensive.

It offers nutrition, herbs, supplements, essential oils and other botanicals from all over the world. It accounts for stress and sleep management, detoxification, immune system harmonizing, digestive balancing and more.

At True Wellness Clinic, our aim is to provide Functional Medicine and empowering education to anyone looking to streamline their approach to wellness.

We achieve this goal in 3 specific ways:

1. By providing cost effective one-on-one Functional Medicine appointments

This means you can choose to pay for your appointments on an as-need basis or in discounted packages that include follow up appointments and in-between appointment email support from myself, Dr. Melissa Esguerra and my staff.

2. We integrate Natural Lifestyle Coaching into each appointment

Your appointments include nutritional guidance and lifestyle tips for better sleep, more energy and even include exercise recommendations for your unique needs. Each of these elements spur results forward in a significant way. We also help you curate a simple, affordable approach to adopting a more natural and toxin-free lifestyle. We guide you in making the small, necessary steps in creating a safe haven for your own personal healing and your life.

3. By making appointments available in a modern, accessible, digital platform

In a world where traffic is everywhere and the average person is busier than ever, we wanted to make access to this kind of holistic support available to everyone, everywhere. Each appointment is online, accessed through your laptop. We can meet on your lunch break, between meetings or before you start making dinner for your family.

True Wellness Clinic is a model for health restoration and empowered living. We work to help you heal fully while empowering you along the way to live a more full, balanced and naturally fueled life.