Boost Your Energy Naturally

Energy boosters without caffeine or sugar? Absolutely!

Learn about the best natural supplements known to boost your energy and your mood without the crummy side effects.

Feeling like you’re always running on empty?

The world has been in survival mode for a while now. A lot of us have been depending on sugar and caffeine for an energy boost (even emotional support…hello, the year of overwhelm!). Unfortunately, they do more harm than good, but we need more energy now than EVER.

So, what can really be done aside from hormone-draining drinks and treats?

I’ve dug deep into energy production and what actually drains our energy. Let’s face it, modern life is going to always be full of, well, stuff! In order to deal with that stuff, our bodies need to be energized on all levels.

This post is all about how you can ramp up your energy in a long-term, sustainable fashion.

Energy Starts In The Cells

The trick to sustainable energy

When most people think of “low energy”, they think of thyroid issues and cortisol. However, energy production begins in the cells.

It’s true that imbalanced thyroid and adrenal hormones can affect energy. However, if the cells that create the energy are down-and-out, then you’ll find yourself in a never-ending cycle of low energy and poor sleep.

What Drains Energy Production?

About 90% of your energy is created by the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria. Think Mighty Mouse. These tiny structures are powerful factories that produce energy (AKA: ATP). Having 8th-grade science class flashbacks?

Think about it, if 90% of your energy is generated by the mitochondria, why aren’t more doctors talking about cellular support when we come in complaining about chronic fatigue, brain fog, and sluggishness?

While I can’t answer that question, I can answer what you're probably wondering right now: “What’s draining my cells of energy?”

These are the “Big 5” that I’ve seen consistently in practice over the past decade:

  1. Parasites
  2. Heavy metals
  3. Chemical toxins
  4. Oxidative stress
  5. Chronic viral infection

    These 5 elements DRAIN mitochondrial function.

    In most cases, the unrelenting presence (and build up) of these toxins are the culprits. They’re the real root causes of low energy! This is why we focus on toxin elimination in my functional medicine practice. However, before you can start a detox plan, you have to start with energy support.

    The body requires energy to properly detoxify and heal.

    Two ways to Boost Energy Production on a Cellular Level

    1- Reduce Oxidative Stress

    To reduce oxidative stress, I recommend eating A LOT of fruits and vegetables. Choose organic as often as possible as pesticides themselves contribute to the overall burden of oxidative stress.

    I also recommend taking a polyphenol supplement and antioxidant-rich essential oils every day. Polyphenols help to neutralize oxidative stress and antioxidants help to protect tissues (like cells) from the damage incurred by oxidative stress.

    Favorite Polyphenol Support: Alpha CRS

    Favorite Antioxidant Protector: DDR Prime

    To use:
    Take 2 Alpha CRS twice daily

    Take 1 DDR Prime softgel twice daily

    2- Electrolyte Your Cells

    You’ve probably heard of electrolytes or seen them featured on a neon yellow Gatorade bottle. However, most commercially available electrolytes are salt-based. And just to be clear, the food coloring, bromine (a hormone disruptor), and sugar in Gatorade make it one of the world’s worst sources of electrolytes.

    In my functional medicine practice, we use carbon-based polyelectrolytes, not salt-based. Carbon-based electrolytes increase the efficiency of energy production in the mitochondria.

    These polyelectrolytes help with two things:

    • Maintain pH balance—an essential component of efficient energy production.
    • They help to deliver adequate amounts of oxygen to our cells, making it easier for the cells to create energy efficiently.

    Getting polyelectrolytes

    Where can you get polyelectrolytes? You may get a small amount by eating vegetables and other plant-based foods. However, because food is often grown in nutrient-depleted soil, you can’t count on this as your main source.

    To give your mitochondria a polyelectrolyte power punch, you can take supplemental fulvic acid extracts. We use Cell Core Biosciences CT-Minerals and MitoATP products.

    They work to “charge up” your mitochondria, nourish the cells and even help to eliminate cellular waste, essentially increasing the efficiency of the cell on multiple levels!

    CT Minerals + MitoATP: the carbon-based polyelectrolyte supplement your cells have been craving

    You can purchase one or both of these supplements here, with my practitioner code: YW6DVGBF.

    In summary…

    When your cells can hum like a fine-tuned car, they produce energy more efficiently. And when your cells produce energy more efficiently, you’ll find yourself zipping through your day with more joy and greater clarity. All because your cells are being nourished and properly supported!

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