A Day in the Life: Our Copaiba Essential Oil

Evan is an extremely active adult, me … not so much. While he bounds off in the morning on trail runs, I’m brewing my French Press and calmly getting my bare feet in the dirt of our yard. At around 9am I’m already at work on my laptop, while Evan is off to jiu jitsu. I’m done with work by 2pm, Evan is just getting started. LOL.

We have pretty different work schedules, but one thing that remains the same between us is how Copaiba works with each of us throughout the day.

Here are some ways that two very different people use the very same bottle of oil. Also: a sneak peak at how we use Copaiba on our cats.

Kicking off the Day: Brain Power

Copaiba helps to clear brain fog and encourage focus. We each use Copaiba under the tongue in the morning.

I simply drop one drop under my tongue. Evan takes it up a notch by combining Copaiba with Frankincense and Turmeric, for a little “brain boost cocktail.” Here’s the recipe if you’re interested:

1 drop Turmeric
1 drop Frankicense
1 drop Copaiba

1 drop each under tongue
*drops under the tongue will effect the brain faster then if ingested with a veggie cap.

Combine equal parts in a 1 oz dropper bottle. Drop 3 drops under tongue.

Healthy Mouth + Hydrating Skin Serum

We have a designated Copaiba bottle that sits perched proudly upon our bathroom sink. This bottle of oil gets used every single day for pearly white dental care and when needed, hydrating/zit zapping skin care.

Pearly White Teeth + Healthy Gum Oil Pulling Recipe

1 drop Copaiba
1 tbsp real Coconut Oil (not Fractionated Coconut Oil)

Add both into your mouth and swish around like you would mouthwash for 5-20 minutes. Spit contents into the trash can. Repeat daily.

Hydrating Skin Serum

1 oz dropper bottle
30-50 drops Copaiba
30-50 drops Yarrow POM
30-50 drops Geranium (or, to make realllly lush: Rose)
Top off with Rosehip Oil (carrier oil that’s great for skin!)

3-4 drops twice a day after cleansing and toning skin. No need for moisturizer because this blend does the moisturizing for you!

Soothing Joint Tension

Nothing is as frustrating to me as neck tension. It effects every part of my day: working on the computer, driving my care, laying on the couch. If you struggle with any sort of pain in your body, I know you know what I’m talking about.

Copaiba helps the body to temper inflammation, an underlying issue for all nagging aches and pains. Evan likes to combine the Deep Blue Rub + Copaiba over his muscles and joints after he showers in the morning. I prefer to use the Past Tense Roller bottle and layer a drop of Copaiba on top to rub over my sensitive neck and perpetually tight shoulders. If you don’t have Past Tense, a VERY popular trio for intense muscle discomfort is Copaiba (1 drops), Deep Blue Rub (a pea size amout) and Peppermint (1 drop).

Fur Baby Care

Copaiba has a surprisingly mild, almost undetectable scent. We like to support our kitties with overall cellular support and joint support with Copaiba oil. When using essential oils with pets, you always need to dilute heavily. 1 tbsp of Fractionated Coconut Oil to 1 drop of Essential Oil. Not all oils are appropriate for pets. We use the Spoil Your Pet book (available on Amazon).

Here’s our Kitty’s Copaiba Recipe:


-1 oz dropper bottle
-5 tbsp Fractionated Coconut Oil
-5 drops Copaiba

*1 drop essential oil to 1 tbsp of FCO is recommended for pets according to my favorite book for essential oils and pets: Spoil Your Pet.

Gently rub 1-2 drops of diluted Copaiba blend under fir.

Bedtime Capsules

Copaiba helps with calming anxiety. It’s also EXTREMELY helpful if you have hard time falling asleep OR staying asleep.

I’m someone who seems to get a bazillion ideas, contemplates on pointless concepts (should we have fresh juice or oatmeal for breakfast?) at around 10:00 PM every single night. LOL. I haaaate having this happen. Luckily I’ve found that if I have 1 Adaptiv Caspule and 1 Copaiba Softgel at night (bonus: enjoy 1 cup of hot Petitgrain tea with it), I fall asleep without a worry in the world.

Evan on the other hand, was a pretty restless sleeper up until we tried Copaiba softgels at night. While Evan has always been able to fall asleep, he struggled to get restful, deep sleep. Using these natural “sleeping pills” has made all the difference for him!

Evan prefers to switch up his deep sleep protocol. He alternates between:
Option 1:
1 Adpativ + 1 Copaiba softgel

and Option 2:
2 Copaiba Softgels

You can also whip up your own Copaiba softgels with a vegetable capsule. Add 2 drops of Copaiba essential oil for every 1 softgel you’d be using.

Purchase your Copaiba essential oil and Softgels here if you don’t already have a doTERRA shopping account.