Why a Digestive Reset May Be Better Than Going to the Gym

What if weight loss and fat burning was dictated by little bugs in your intestines? This sci-fi image isn’t very far from what’s actually happening inside the world of your metabolism.

It turns out that the gut bacteria-weight-loss connection is pretty well researched. The more diverse the microbiome in your intestines, the healthier metabolism you will have.

Additionally, there are 3 hormones that effect fat burning capacity and metabolism that are also effected by gut health: insulin, estrogen and thyroid hormone.

Top 4 Ways Gut Bacteria Effect Weight Loss

  1. How you break down food - modern research correlates gut microbes with the processing of food and determining how many calories your body absorbs. Additionally, any imbalance in the microbiome between the “good” and “bad” bugs will cause excess inflammation, perpetuating Leaky Gut Syndrome and stimulating excess cortisol in the body. The excess cortisol over time can cause extra fat storage. In

  2. Impacts insulin- Insulin is a hormone that tells our cells to suck up the glucose in our blood. For many with poor diets, too much sugar or a diet really high in animal protein, insulin resistance can eventually lead to weight gain in addition to other metabolic challenges like diabetes or obesity.

    More and more research has started to connect the gut microbiome and its impact on insulin sensitivity. This means that focusing on rebalancing the microbes in the digestive tract may be a major part in naturally supporting those struggling with metabolic issues and working on healthier weight.

  3. Estrogen- Estrogen excess is very common in men and women today. In women, estrogen excess can look like PCOS, endometriosis, severe PMS or PMDD symptoms, hair loss, adult onset acne etc. Estrogen excess will also cause an increase in weight over time as well.

    The gut-connection here lies in a special community in the gut called the “estrobolome.” The Estrobolome regulates the estrogen levels in the gut, determining what gets eliminated and what gets reabsorbed. If this bacterial community in the gut is altered because of “bad bugs” in the gut, then we can start to see estrogen excess symptoms and negative shifts in metabolic and fat burning patterns.

  4. Thyroid- The thyroid hormone regulates metabolism, fat burning capacity, energy and more! There are specific “good” bacteria in the gut that are responsible for giving your body active thyroid hormone! Yep, that’s right! The bacteria in the gut convert T4 (the more inactive form of thyroid hormone), to the active form of thyroid hormone, T3. About 20% of the body’s active thyroid hormones are made in the digestive tract, and it’s thanks to these specific bacteria in the gut!

    These special bacteria release an enzyme called intestinal sulfatase, that is resposible for this process. A healthy balance in the mirobiota of the gut is critical in maintaining healthy thyroid and fat burning capacity.

Let’s talk “gut bugs” and their impact on fat burning

There is MUCH to be done in an effort to rebalance the gut. One of the most important things to look at is: how is my diet impacting the internal environment of the “good bugs” in my digestive tube?

Are my food choices creating a home that’s fostering good bug growth or “bad” bug growth?

Here are some simple tips to create a better gut environment:

1- avoid chemical toxins in your food like pesticides and herbacides as much as possible

2- choose grass fed or wild meats, as they are usually not injected with antibiotics as frequently

3- Detoxify the digestive system with essential oils or herbs that support a healthy microbiome

My favorite essential oils to help my immune system remove the “bad” bugs are doTERRA’s Thyme, Frankincense, Myhrr, Oregano, Clove and Turmeric! You can do 1-2 drops each in a vegetable capsule and take 1-2 times daily. If you can’t swallow pills, you can create a blend in a 1 oz dropper bottle of 10-20 drops each and dilute the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Apply over abdomen 1-3 times daily.

4- Repopulate the “good” bacteria by taking a high quality probiotic and/or prebiotic supplement from a brand that you trust. I really enjoy the doTERRA PB Assist supplement.

5- Eat a lot of gut nourishing foods like bone broth, high mineral vegan broth, fermented vegetables like kimchi, saurkraut or high quality yogurt.

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