Top Thyroid Nourishing Foods for More Energy

Today’s blog might be “titled” Thyroid Nourishing Foods, but you can also consider all this information valid for all Hormone Nourishment too.

When it comes to eating right for hormone balance, I prefer to think about what I CAN eat rather then focusing on what I can’t eat. I find that this mentality keeps me happier and fuller during my day.

Also, who wants to be told what they “can’t” eat? Well, I do actually. But it’s only because I know that certain foods can leave me feeling sluggish with foggy thinking. Additionally, if you suffer from autoimmune issues, certain foods can flare up autoimmune activity and exacerbate symptoms.

As a general rule of thumb, I like to recommend all hormone balancing patients avoid gluten, dairy and soy, as these foods have the highest track record for bogging down the immune system and throwing the hormone system out of whack.

But I did promise at the beginning that we’d focus on what foods you CAN eat right?!

So rather then writing out a list here on the blog, I created a mini library of downloads for you to print and keep in your kitchen for easy reference.

Thyroid Nourishing Foods Recipe Guide

You can also access this recipe guide full of food inspiration to nourish your thyroid. The recipes in this download correlate with the 7 Day Sample Plan (below), but there are a few extra recipes for you in there too.

I recommend downloading and printing for easy reference.

Also, definitely check out the recommended cookbooks and blogs shared in here for even more recipes and food ideas!

Thyroid Nourishing Foods Checklist

Here is a Thyroid Nourishing Foods Checklist. I wanted to share this so that it feel easy to just add in or substitute ingredients in your family recipes to make each meal a little more geared toward thyroid nourishment.

Sample 7 Day Plan

I’ve even created a Sample 7 Day Plan to use as a guideline. Please keep in mind that you can mix and match recipes in whatever way makes things easiest for you. I’ve noticed that I’m most likely to follow recipe guides when I do a “meal prep day.”

Do whatever works for you and your schedule. But most importantly, make the cooking process enjoyable. I used to loathe cooking, until I discovered a Spanish guitar playlist or Spotify. Listening this relaxing music puts me “in the mood” to meal prep. My husband prefers to listen to Joe Rogan Podcast when he’s the one doing the meal prep. Whatever works to coax you into the kitchen, do it!

More on Thyroid Wellness …
How to Care for Your Thyroid Naturally

Most doctors prescribe thyroid hormone replacement therapy called levothyroxine to “treat” hypothyroidism. There are also some really great ways to support a healthy thyroid naturally and in many cases, with these changes and targeted support, many find themselves able to work with their prescribing doctor in lessening or coming off of their prescription medication over time.

1. Eat thyroid nourishing foods.

Foods rich in Selenium, Iron, Iodoine and Magnesium and be incredibly helpful in supporting healthy thyroid levels. You can get a free download of my Thyroid Nourishing Foods list by taking the Thyroid Type Quiz. You will get your results and gain access to this free tool and a free chapter of my Thyroid Essentials Book.

2. Avoid Gluten

Gluten can be extremely inflammatory for most individuals, which will often exacerbate thyroid symptoms. Additionally, most who struggle with thyroid imbalance have been found to have subclinical autoimmune thyroid at the root cause of the imbalance. Gluten has been found to be “mimicking” of thyroid tissue for the autoimmune activated immune system. This means that when gluten is consumed, the autoimmune activity can be triggered and further destruction of thyroid tissue can take place.

It’s a good idea to avoid gluten all together when working on naturally supporting thyroid health. Again, there are a lot of thyroid nourishing foods shared in my free chapter download and on my Thyroid Nourishing Foods List that you get access to when you take the Thyroid Type Quiz.

3. Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the root cause factors of thyroid imbalance listed above. However stress itself can worsen all the other 6 root cause factors too. For this reason, it’s a good idea to find ways to better manage stress in your day to day life.

Some simple stress reduction tools like a 30 minute walk daily or huffing Lavender essential oil during your day have both been proven to reduce circulating stress hormones, thereby making it easier for your body to create and respond to healthy thyroid hormone levels.

4. Get Supplement + Essential Oil Support

In my book Thyroid Essentials, you can get access to specific natural protocols for all the different root cause factors. If you want to get started right away with some foundational thyroid support, these are my “go-to” recommendations:

-Life Long Vitality Pack: a vitamin pack that helps lay the nutritional foundation for thyroid wellness

-Drink Wild Orange Essential Oil or Grapefruit Essential oil infused water tonics. These two essential oils support healthy detoxification, promote better digestion and a more balanced pH in the gut. These elements of wellness greatly impact thyroid hormone levels and overall hormone harmony

-Essential oils can be used to help lower inflammation in and around the thyroid, support healthy immune activity around the gland, give cellular support for the thyroid tissue itself, promote healthy detoxification and drainage of toxins in the thyroid gland and also support healthy hormone regulation. I have a blend I created to support all these elements of thyroid wellness, making daily ritualistic care super simple!

Thyroid Cooling Blend Classic Formula:

In a 5mL roller bottle, combine

  • 8 drops Frankincense
  • 8 drops Myrrh
  • 8 drops Copaiba
  • 8 drops Lemongrass
  • 8 drops Turmeric
  • Fill rest of bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Roll over thyroid gland and back of neck 2-3 times daily or as often as desired

Thyroid Cooling Blend Petite Formula:

In a 5mL roller bottle, combine

  • 14 drops Immortelle Blend
  • 14 drops Copaiba
  • 12 drops Lemongrass

Fill rest of bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Roll over thyroid gland and back of neck 2-3 times daily or as often as desired

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