Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipes - Scent Your Home Safely!

Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes- All the nostalgia. None of the toxins.

Growing up, we had a special Hobble Creek candle for each holiday season.

For October and November, it was Pumpkin Spice and for December it was Spruce Needles. As I walk through stores each holiday season, I often catch waves of these familiar, nostalgic scents. In these moments, I allow myself the indulgence of pausing and taking in a few deep breaths; finding my way back to that sacred time in life: childhood.

However, as I’ve grown into adulthood, I’ve learned some pretty alarming facts about synthetic fragrance. To discover that those heartwarming scents were laced with astonishing toxins was disappointing, to say the least. However, in the midst of learning such realities, I also learned how to scent my home with essential oils. With the purity of doTERRA oils, I don’t have to worry about immunity-wrecking, hormone-disrupting synthetic fragrances.

Using essential oils to fragrance your home instead of candles not only saves you money but saves you from being exposed to toxins as well.

Check out the health benefits of using doTERRA essential oils in your diffuser compared to burning a synthetically fragranced candle in the home:


Trying new scents to mix together in diffuser recipes can be really fun. Here are some of our favorite diffuser recipes to whip up for the Thanksgiving season. Experiment with a few before your Thanksgiving celebration to get it just right and set the mood the moment guests walk through your door. A welcoming blend of nostalgic scents will make them feel right at home.

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1 d Ginger
1 d Cinnamon
2 d Coriander
1 d Clove

(inspired by the Hobble Creek Candle of the 1990’s ☺️)

3 d Black Spruce
3 d Cedarwood
2 d Juniper Berry


4 d Cypress
3 d Sandalwood
2 d Siberian Fir

(inspired by the Hobble Creek Candle of the 1990’s ☺️)

1 d Clove
2 d Cassia
1 d Eucalyptus
1 d Cedarwood
4 d Citrus Bliss

3 d Ginger
2 d Cassia
2 d Clove


3 d Douglas Fir
2 d Cinnamon
3 d Citrus Bliss

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