Top Two Oils to Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Naturally

People ask me all the time what products to use for weight loss.

Of course, eating a low-toxin, plant-based diet is foundational in promoting healthy weight. However, you can also use essential oils to promote healthy weight loss, boost metabolism, and promote fat-burning capacity!

This is not magic, my friend. This is the power of plants!

The two essential oils I'm sharing with you today work on the actual mechanisms that govern weight loss capacity:

  • Healthy detoxification and elimination of fat-storing and hormone-disrupting toxins

  • Keeping stress response to a minimum. Excess stress over time promotes fat storage!

  • Enhancing fat burning capacity

  • Promoting healthy blood sugar levels

  • Helping the body release excess water retention by promoting healthy progesterone in women

  • Boosting fat-burning capacity in men by promoting healthy testosterone levels

Are you ready to hear which two essential oils boost metabolism and burn fat naturally?

Here you go!

1. Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit oil helps to promote the breakdown of fat, a process called lipolysis. Additionally, Grapefruit oil packs a double punch by supporting the elimination of hormone-disrupting and fat-storing toxins.

Finally. Grapefruit oil helps to temper cortisol fluctuations. An excess of cortisol (which happens with high stress) triggers fat storage, and Grapefruit oil helps to hamper the effects of this.

2. Slim & Sassy Oil Blend

Contains Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil helps to promote healthy blood sugar, one of the pillars of optimizing metabolism and fat-burning capacity.

When blood sugar is too high or too low, our body can get stuck in a fat-storing trend. Cinnamon oil helps to get to the root of this process and promotes healthy blood sugar regulation.

Additionally, Cinnamon oil helps to promote healthy progesterone levels in women and healthy testosterone levels in men.

Women with low progesterone levels tend to store excess water weight, so Cinnamon oil can aid your body in getting back to optimal levels. For men, low testosterone will slow down fat-burning capacity, and Cinnamon oil can help the body normalize these levels.

Directions For Use

Grapefruit Oil

Add 1 to 2 drops per 10 to 25 ounces of water. Sip throughout the day. Repeat with each glass of water. Use only glass or stainless steel water bottles. Add a dash of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for additional benefits.

Slim and Sassy Oil Blend

Apply directly to the skin (I apply this blend to the backs of my thighs, butt, and belly.) or enjoy in a glass of water.

For more information about how to use these powerful oils, check out our video below.