The Morning Shooter That Will Make You Feel Amazing Every Single Day

Start the morning off with a shot? Yes! But I’m not referring to a tequila shot of course. I’m talking about an Apple Cider Vinegar shot. It’s something I’ve recommended for years in practice, especially when working to rebalance the digestive tract, but it’s not a daily ritual I have personally committed to for more then a few weeks.

However back in November I knew my gut needed a major reset. I was struggling with a lot of skin issues, the surface of my tongue had lost its pink palor and I was feeling bloated between meals.

I started on a Para Cleanse protocol I put together and felt great. However I felt like something was missing. So I started added in the Apple Cider Vinegar shot and WHOA!

The improvements were remarkable.

Apply Cider Vinegar (ACV) may help to rebalance the bacteria, enzymes and acid in the stomach.

ACV is fermented apple cider. The fermentation process makes it an incredible source of natural probiotics and enzymes, both of which promote a healthier and more balanced digestive tract.

I’ll admit that the smell of ACV is not appetizing. In fact, a dirty sock comes to mind almost every time I twist off the cap of that bottle in the morning 🧦🤣.

However I’ve concocted a little recipes for you that enhances its benefits and makes it more palatable.

The Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar helps to harmonize gut fora and promote healthy pH in the stomach and intestinal tract. Additionally, ACV has been shown to promote healthy cholesterol levels, support healthy blood sugar levels and promote a healthier metabolism. All this with only 1-2 tablespoons per day.

Boost the Benefits

In an effort to make the shot more tasty and of course, amplify the benefits, I chose to add 1 drop of doTERRA OnGuard blend.

Personally, I love the taste of OnGuard, but the immune supporting benefits of this powerful blend make it the perfect way to start the day. Additionally, the warming sensation of the Clove and Cinnamon essential oils in the OnGuard blend are great for promoting healthy digestion in the morning.


ACV Morning Shot Recipe


  • 1-2 tbsp (start with 1 and work your way up to 2) Apple Cider Vinegar. We use Bragg’s.

  • 1/4 cup of warm water

  • 1 drop OnGuard essential oil blend


  • Combine ingredients in tea cup or shot glass. Sip to enjoy OR throw back like you would a tequila shot from your clubbing days 😜.


Tip: It’s best to take the Morning Shot on an empty stomach, before your morning coffee or breakfast. It’s okay to have had a glass of water prior, but you’ll definitely want to have had it before your morning cup of coffee or tea.