Mother Nature's Perfumery and How it's 1000x Better than Chanel or Dior

I grew up LOVING the scents of perfumes. I always stopped at the perfume counters when the sampling employees would stand out in aisle. I loved to pause and momentarily huff the the latest scents from the big names like Channel or Dior.

As teens, my sister and I always spritzed Clinque Happy or Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl on our wrists before heading out the door. To this day, those scents bring a huge smile to my face and a flood of joy into my heart. Scent is so heavily linked to emotions! I recognized it even back then as a kid.

The “dark side” of the perfume industry wouldn’t become known to me until decades later. I distinctly remembered reading about where these scents come from, how many of them are from animal anal glands (OMG gross! I know!), or made synthetically and thrown into those “luxurious” scents we pay loads of money for.

I addition to the tainted ingredients, I also learned that synthetic fragrances can wreak havoc on our hormone and immune health. These perfume chemical toxins can cause estrogen dominant issues, cause thyroid imbalance, trigger immune issues like asthma, rhinitis, allergies or even irritate autoimmune activity!

Why not just go all natural?
Perfumeries are trying mimic scents from Mother Nature anyway.

Apply ClaryCalm blend on collarbone during the day for extra hormone support and to reapply gorgeous smelling pure-fume.

Purity Matters

Here are some other reasons why purity in perfumes actually do matter:

  • 70% of what we put in our skin, gets into our blood stream

  • Fragrance is synthetically derived scent. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) lists 3,059 materials being used in fragrance. Of these 3,059 ingredients, some have evidence linking them to health effects including cancer, reproductive toxicity, allergies, and sensitivities.

  • Common toxins in perfumes include acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, ethanol, ethyl acetate, phthalates, styrene, methylene chloride - usually in some combination.

  • These chemicals can cause: nervous system disorders, kidney damage, respiratory failure, neurological issues, hormone imbalance, fertility issues, and some have been linked to cancer

  • Diethyl phtalate has been linked to sperm damage

  • Over 24 chemicals were discovered that could trigger headaches, dizziness, rash, respiratory challenges and more (EWG 2010)

  • Some of these chemicals found in fragrance can also act like "obesogens" which means they can weight gain independent of what you eat. (EWG 2014)

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Gorgeous scents from the original perfumery: Mother Nature

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Luckily, swapping out the toxic perfumes for the gorgeous smelling pure versions is simple! I share with you some of my favorite DIY blends in our free eBook above.

Here are some of the best smelling scents for you to choose from if you prefer to mix and blend on your own:

Floral Scents:

Ylang Ylang

Woodsy, Earthy Tones:

Douglas Fir
Siberian Fir

Citrusy, Bright Tones

Bergamot (YUM!)
Wild Orange
Green Mandarin (soooo delicious)

A Few Favorites

I’ll share a few of my very favorite pure-fumes that I use on a daily basis …

Combo 1: Sensual and Calm
Adaptive Touch + Jasmine Touch

Combo 2: allllll the Feminine Vibes
Neroli Touch + Jasmine Touch + Rose Touch

Combo 3: Essence
Bergamot + Melissa + Frankincense

Evan’s “go to” cologne:
Black Spruce + Ylang Ylang + Grapefruit