Spring Tips for Allergies: why we're obsessed with allergy oils

It’s that time of year again … sneezy season 🤧. Springtime is most definitely my 2nd favorite season and not #1, precisely because of my association with terrible allergies. I grew up with and and anyone that knew me pre-doTERRA would probably remember me perpetually blowing my nose and carrying tissues in every pocket and purse I owned.

Allergies were a year around struggle for me, not just seasonal. But springtime meant the symptoms got WAY worse.

So weather you struggle with allergies all year long or just during this season, I hope tips I’m sharing with you today can be as helpful for you as they had been for me.

And yes, “had been” is in the past tense because curiously enough, after I started using essential oils, my daily allergy symptoms disappeared after about 4 months of consistently following Protocol 1.

Some days (especially in the Spring), I still have they watery eyes, the annoying sneezes and itchy throat, but now I simply return to the protocols and viola! Symptom relief.

Top Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Avoid Triggering Foods

Certain foods are known to make your body more vulnerable to environmental triggers. Think about it: your immune system becomes more and more reactive when it’s being bomarded with immune triggers in the gut. The mucosal lining in the gut is continuous with the mucosal linking in the lungs and sinuses. So, if you eat a mucus stimulating foods (like dairy or wine), then you are more likely to also produce extra mucus in the sinuses and lungs.

Do you sneeze when you drink wine? Does your nose get stuffy after eating cheese? These are signs that you could greatly improve your allergy symptoms by avoiding those immune triggering foods for you.

The Trio

This is the combo that truly got me to believe in the power of essential oils. I had done everything under the sun to help quell my daily stuffy nose and watery eyes. This trio felt like an absolute MIRACLE because the relief was so fast. Additionally, after using this formula every day for about 4 months, I noticed that when I stopped, the symptoms didn’t return.

That was 7 years ago … and now I only need to pull out the trio when I have the occasional flare up.


Drop 1 drop each of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint under the tongue.

Option: 1 drop each in a veggie cap or in a glass of water.

Repeat as needed.

This combo is STRONG but the relief is amazing!

Here’s how it works:

Lemon: decongests the liver and promotes healthy drainage. In Chinese medicine, allergies are almost always associated with a “congested liver.”

Lavender: helps to soothe irritation in the throat and nose. It’s not a substitution to an anti-histamine, but it helps in a similar way, without all the terrible side effects!

Peppermint: opens airways! Helps to clear the stuffiness.

DigestZen blend for Easy Breathing

I mentioned above that allergies are often linked to digestion and food exposures. I’ve found that DigestZen can also help relieve allergy symptoms when the Trio doesn’t do the trick. I’ve also learned that for some people, this is the preferred blend for them. i suspect it has to do with the Fennel and Peppermint combo that DigestZen offers.

Additionally, the Ginger oil in this blend is a natural anti-inflammatory and immune system supporting.


Rub 1 drop over bridge of nose and/or 1 drop under tongue

Repeat as needed.

Dry + Stuffy Nose Relief
We just moved to Palm Desert last Fall, in 115 Farenheit whether 😳. I have never lived in the desert before I think my sinuses went into shock with the dryness and heat. This change of environment triggered a terrible allergy flare up for me.

When none of my old allergy formulas worked, I became desperate. I started trying new oils and stumbled across Celery Seed Oil!

It was a new doTERRA oil for me. I didn’t like the taste at first, but OMG. The relief! It was worth the taste.


1 drop in a 16 oz glass of water. Drink down.

Option: add 1 drop of your favorite citrus oil to curb the taste of the Celery Seed oil

Runny Nose Relief

I don’t understand why, but Lemon oil helps to stop the faucet-like runny nose. The ONLY thing about this oil is that you cannot apply it on your face if you’re going to be out in the sunshine. Citrus oils are “photosensitive,” which means they can temporarily discolor your skin if that oiled patch of skin comes in direct contact with sunlight.

So only use this formula if you’re going to be indoors or properly covered up when outside.


Rub 1 drop with a small drop of Fractionated Coconut Oil onto bridge of nose or right under the nose.

Repeat as needed.

Open Sinuses AND Lungs

If you find that your allergies are effecting both your nose and your lungs, then reaching for a blend that an support open airways in both might be more appropriate for you.

The Breathe blend is a great oil to reach for because it can help to open up the sinuses and the lungs, for easier breathing and greater relief.


1-2 drops of Breathe Blend, rubbed onto the lungs. Rub the remnants into the palms of your hands. Take your hands and cup them around your mouth, take a deep breathe in through your mouth. Repeat a few times before bringing your hands up to your nose, and take a deep inhalation through your nose.

Repeat as needed.

Oils work to support re-harmonizing the flora within the lungs and sinuses because of their natural immune boosting properties. Using them on a daily basis can truly make all the difference in your health, wellness and quality of life! When you can breathe easy, everything in life feels brighter too!

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