Slow Living: the surprising "gift" of quarantine

I don’t know about you, but this quarantine living thing has been a bit of a challenge for myself and Evan. After week 2, when Trump announced that we would be confined to our houses for the duration of April, I literally threw a temper tantrum. Like, the kind you throw when you’re 4 years old and told you can’t have a cupcake for breakfast.

I thought seriously about not sharing this with you, but I figured that while you may not have had an actual tantrum physically, you may have had a silent one emotionally. And I just want to let you know that you’re not alone in that.

However after the tears (and the nap) that usually follow a tantrum, I felt an odd sense of CALM. It was as if I had surrendered. I had to decide that I was going to stop combing the media channels, stop reading about all the virus, forced vaccinations and 5G fear (although TRUST ME, we will be doing a class on how to manage 5G and your health next month in May) and simply choose to focus on something different.


It was on my billionth walk of the week (anyone else taking a lot of walks lately ;) that I had the words “Slow Living” start to pop up in my head. Slow Living was a “movement” I had read about on Instagram last year (#slowliving). It had intrigued me and after looking at several #slowliving IG accounts, I decided I would try to adopt more of this mindful, intentional living habits into my life and into our home.


Now that everyone isn’t running around from from place to place we suddenly have more time available to us. Those blank pockets of time can easily become filled with social media scrolling, filling up the mind with the news cycle etc. Yep, I’ve fallen victim to these time traps too.

However if you’re looking for ways to make the most of this time at home with yourself and/or your family, here are some fun, rich and truly enjoyable ways to step into Slow Living rituals….

Slow Living ideas for more joy at home …

-Cook new meals together

-Use essential oils to manage the stress and anxiety that comes up during your day

-Draw a bath at the end of the day

-Take a walk or get on a bike and explore your neighborhood (mask on of course)

-Swap out the chemical laden cleaning products and start making the all natural versions on your own (saves money and is super easy, and fun!). Here are some recipes I made for you.

-Try new diffuser recipes to help transition your day … try morning blends, dinner time blends, sleepy time blends

-Shop eco-friendly products that can get delivered to your door in lieu of having to go to market or Target again

-Create a Wellness Plan for you and your family. Here’s a printable for you. I like to re-create one each month for myself. I find it keeps me “on point” and consistently improving my health.

-Make your own pure-fumes. If you have little ones who want to help you make them, it’s fun project for everyone to do together.

-Read a book … for fun! I’m reading Mists of the Avalon right now … soooooo good!

-Try yoga or meditation. Alo Yoga is offering free classes. It’s an app and it’s reallllly wonderful!

-Learn about doTERRA oils and how amazing they are for health and wellness. Check out the fabulous doTERRA blog here.

I’m choosing to let this be a time of exploration, or contemplation, of more cooking in the kitchen, more time drawing baths, trying new DIY recipes, more movement with morning and afternoon walks, time on the floor doing yoga, feet in dirt in my yard, more aimless conversations with my husband, sister, mom and friends …

I hope you can find those empty pockets of time and make them absolutely joyful and memorable as well.