Introducing Thyroid Essentials (she's a book!)

A modern approach hormone wellness

using essential oils and natural solutions

I wrote a book and I’m so excited to introduce her to you! The name is “Thyroid Essentials” and it’s a collection of simple and streamlined essential oil solutions to rejuvenate your thyroid, revive energy, restore sleep, refresh metabolism and elevate YOU!

I wanted to create a comprehensive tool for the world to be able “fill in the gaps” where modern medicine is lacking in terms of restoring thyroid hormone balance (and hormone balance in general!) Modern medicine is really missing the mark here in terms of standard of care. In the world of hormone issues, there is a very big need to look at the root cause factors that cause the hormones to go out of whack in the first place!

That’s exactly what “Thyroid Essentials” does.

She guides you access your personal symptoms and invites you to tune into your body’s signals with the Thyroid Type Quiz.

From there you’ll know what elements of wellness are worth focusing on first. You can choose to read the book cover to cover or just stick to the chapters that are most relevant to you based on your Thyroid Type Quiz results. The idea of Thyroid Essentials is keep your approach to healing simple and streamlined.

“Thyroid Essentials”: A collection of simple and streamlined essential oil solutions to rejuvenate your thyroid, revive energy, restore sleep, refresh metabolism and elevate you.

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An invitation to curl up and learn how to balance hormones and boost metabolism using essential oils.


What inspired me to write “Thyroid Essentials”

The book was written out of pure necessity! I was receiving messages on social media and email almost every single day from people who wanted to figure out their thyroid issues on their own.

There just wasn’t enough time in the day for me to be answering individual messages. I also believe that everyone has the power to figure out wellness on their own when given a good guide and pure natural solutions tools like doTERRA essential oils.

I’m honored that I was provided the space and opportunity to create such a guide for those in search of help.


Natural and Simple Solutions

Throughout the book I share with the reader food, essential oils, herbs and supplements that can aid the body in coming back to balance naturally.

You even get my “go-to” streamlined protocols that I’ve been using with patients and essential oil customers for the past decade!

There are also additional tools like a food inspiration guide, thyroid nourishing shopping list, low-toxin lifestyle recipes, recommendations, stress reducing tools and more!

The most exciting part of the book is the Thyroid Type Quiz, where you can actually identify which chapters are going to be MOST relevant for you.

The most significant challenge in balancing thyroid wellness is figuring out where to start. Different people will develop thyroid issues for different reasons. I created the Thyroid Type Quiz as a means for people to identify which elements will cause the biggest shift in the shortest amount of time!

And then from there, the reader can dive into the specific chapter(s) that will pertain to them! Within each chapter is a step by step explanation of the thyroid wellness factor and a protocol to support them in returning to wellness.

If you’re excited to check out the book, you can grab your paperback or digital version here:

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