Our Top 10 Immune Boosting Essential Oils for 2020

If you find yourself scrolling through social media or checking out mainstream media updates, it’s easy to slide into that state of fear and powerlessness that I know I was feeling early last week. Immune threats, environmental threats and seasonal bugs seem to have all the power right now.

But what is most shocking to me is how little guidance the media is actually providing in terms of proactive immune support! We are being told A LOT of what NOT to do:

-do not leave your house
-do not get close to anyone
-do not go to the doctor unless you exhibit the Covid-19 symptoms (dry cough, fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing)

While these DO NOTs are very important to recognize right now, I would like to offer a little support to those of you looking for WHAT YOU CAN DO as well. There are not a lot of things we can control right now, but one thing you certainly can control, is how you support your immune system and your family’s immune system.

Evan and I have been talking on Instagram all week about supporting yourself in the 3 Layers:
-Support outside your home
-Support inside your home
-Support inside your body

The Top 10 Immune Boosting Essential Oils for 2020 offer support and protection on every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼layer👏🏼!

These safe and versatile essential oils can be used in many ways…

  • In your daily immune boosting regimen
  • While out at the grocery store or running your essential errands
  • In your household cleaning products (to boost immunity rather then weaken it!)
  • Diffusing them to purify the air you breathe
  • Topically to support your body’s systems, particularly your immune system
  • Internally to give your body instant immune-boosting support

The Top 10 Oils to Boost Immunity

The Protective Blend (OnGuard, by doTERRA): this blend has Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Wild Orange in it, so the synergistic qualities are absolutely stellar for immune support! It is a hot, spicy oil, so be sure to dilute it when you use it topically. However, its warming scent is sure to bring comfort along with its immune-boosting properties! You can enjoy 1 drop in hot water and honey and have an OnGuard Tea, or simply rub 1 drop over throat if you aren’t feeling well.

We even use a few drops of OnGuard in our multipurpose cleaner and other green cleaning recipes!

Oregano Oil: perfect for boosting your immune system, providing respiratory support, and cleansing surfaces and air. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that supports your overall health! I like to take Oregano only when I know my immune system needs to be super strong and effective, like it does right now in the early part of 2020.

3. Lemon or Wild Orange: these oils are incredibly cleansing and pH balancing for the body! Lemon and Wild Orange can both be enjoyed in a glass of water (1 drop per 10-16 oz of water) and sipped on throughout the day. Whenever I feel a sore throat, I like to do 1 drop of Lemon or Wild Orange and 1 drop of OnGuard in hot water and honey. I find that it soothes my throat and helps to dry up a runny nose. Both these citrus oils are one of my favorites (in combination with Peppermint) to have in the diffuser in our home! AND, we use Lemon oil to make our own natural multi-purpose cleaner!

4. Black Pepper: an essential oil that helps the immune system combat the 2020 seasonal threats. Black Pepper is immune boosting, helps us to clear phlegm and also promotes circulation. This is incredibly important for a healthy immune response in this season.

5. The Respiratory Blend (Breathe, by doTERRA): this powerful blend is a must have when wanting to support the immune system in the lungs. This combination of essential oils helps to open up airways, promoting easy breathing, soothe an overactive cough and deliver extra immune support for the lungs! We like to inhale the Breathe blend directly through the mouth. Take 1 drop and rub it into the palms of the hands. Cup hands over the mouth and gently and slowly, take a deep inhale through the mouth. This is also a great oil to put in a diffuser in the home!

We use the Breathe Blend both before getting out of the car and into a public space and after getting back in the car. We do this to deliver extra immune support into the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs both before and after exposure in a public place.

6. Lavender: this oil helps to soothe irritated noses and throats, typical of this spring season! I love Lavender in hot water! It is so soothing and also helps to quell anxiousness. Lavender is incredibly important for us to have in the home to soothe irritability and dispel feelings of worry.

7. Adaptiv Blend: Adaptiv helps us to release anxiousness and soothe stress overwhelm. One of the most threatening elements to our immune system is actually stress! Ironic isn’t it? We worry about our immune system and our family’s protection, only to weaken our immune system! You can break this cycle by applying Adaptiv to the inside of your wrists and dab onto your collar bone (or rub over your heart) whenever you feel the worry/stress start to creep in.

I keep Adaptiv by my desk and I have the roller bottle version in my purse!

8. Tea Tree: also known as “Melaleuca”, this essential oil acts much like Oregano, but is more mild in scent. It’s incredibly supportive of the immune system and can also be used in your natural cleaning products!

9. Pink Pepper: I’m obsessed with Pink Pepper. It helps your immune system keep its fighters strong by supporting the thymus gland. It is also very fruity in taste. I find that it’s been the perfect addition to 1 drop of OnGuard oil in my water bottle. I LOVE to drink this combination, so it’s been the easiest addition to my daily ritual during the time in quarantine with my family.

okay okay …. #10 is actually TWO essential oil infused products:

10. OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate: this miracle product makes whipping up natural cleaning products easier then ever! Just use 2 tbsp of OnGuard cleaner concentrate in 24 oz of water in a spray bottle. Viola! The cleaner is set and ready to clean every single surface in your home.

You can also add any additional oils you want to your cleaner bottles. For example, in the bathroom, I like to add extra OnGuard drops (5) and Lemongrass (5) for extra cleansing benefits in the bathroom.

In the kitchen spray bottle, I add Peppermint and Wild Orange, because I love the smell and it’s a great way to ward off ants in the kitchen!

For the spray bottle we use in the bedrooms, I like to add Lavender and Wild Orange because I love the scent and the vibe it gives the rooms!

10. OnGuard Foaming Handwash: you only need 1 tbsp of this Handwash Concentrate per pump, just fill the rest of your pump with water! Washing your hands with immune boosting handwash like doTERRA’s and avoiding the chemical filled hand soap that weakens the immune system is game changing here in 2020. Such a simple ritual.

BONUS: this OnGuard Foaming Handwash has an “off label” use as the world’s BEST carpet cleaner! Yep, it gets rid of almost any stain. It’s absolutely incredible.

Here are some recipes with the Top 10 Oils that you can whip up on your own at home!


Use your OnGuard to make your own Hand + Surface Cleaner to purify the shopping cart handles and other publicly touched surfaces.

OnGuard Hand Mister
5tbsp aloe vera gel
1/4 tsp vitamin E oil
15 drops OnGuard oil
2/3 cup Everclear 151

Mix ingredients in bowl. Pour into spray bottle. Watch the video on the right to see it done.


You can also add essential oils into a diffuser to purify the shared air at home while also delivering immune support to those inhaling the lovely scent of the pure essential oils.

A few favorite combos for this season are:
-2 drops Wild Orange + 1 drop Lavender
-2 drops Tea Tree + 2 drops Lemon
-2 drops Breathe + 2 drops Wild Orange
-2 drops Adaptiv



You CAN do A LOT of things to support your immune system and wellness right now. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. You can get your hands on these incredibly powerful and supportive natural solutions and start being proactive during this time.

You got this friend! Sometimes your body just needs a little help from Mother Nature.

If you have a list of essential oils you want to purchase, you can click here to get started.
I’ve started your cart off with my top 3 oils for immunity, you can add or subtract whichever oils and products you’d like!

Another option is to start with our Healthy Home Kit, which has most everything mentioned above. It’s truly a healthy home and family kit in a box!

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