Top 5 Essential Oils for Thyroid Care

I get questions about thyroid and essential oils almost every single day on Instagram or Facebook.

This comes as no surprise to me when over 20 million Americans are struggling with some form of thyroid disorder. However I’ve always found it difficult to recommend just a few oils “for thyroid” because the truth is that thyroid issues are almost always a downstream dysfunction of other issues.

Over the course of 10 years in practice, I’ve found that thyroid issues can be boiled down to one of seven contributing factors: nutritional deficiency, autoimmune challenge, liver overwhelm, estrogen excess, gut imbalance, stress excess or blood sugar imbalance.

Addressing these factors IS CRITICAL if you want to truly reset your thyroid health.

When it comes to thyroid care, a personalized approach is always best.

This of course begs the question: what factors are present in your unique thyroid case?

I created a quiz to help determine what factors are most significant for you and your body’s unique needs, to give you a starting point in addressing your own unique root cause factors effecting thyroid.


The Thyroid Type Quiz

Top 5 Oils for General Thyroid Care

In my book, Thyroid Essentials, I share an awesome thyroid support blend that encompasses many elements of the root cause factors that effect the thyroid gland.

While we wait for the book release (Fall 2019), I want to go ahead and share with you my Thyroid Cooling Blend here on our blog.



The Thyroid Cooling Blend

In a 5-oz roller bottle combine:

  • 3 drops Turmeric

  • 3 drops Copaiba

  • 4 drops Frankincense

  • 3 drops Lemongrass

  • 4 drops Myrrh

Top off with fractionated coconut oil

Apply the Thyroid Cooling Blend applied over thyroid, back of neck or bottom of feet twice daily or as often as needed during day .

Optional addition for Hashimoto’s: 4 drops Peppermint. Peppermint can help invigorate energy and bring clarity of mind. Sluggishness and brain fog are common symptoms in Hashimoto’s patients so in this case adding a little Peppermint may be helpful.

Optional addition for Graves’: 4 drops Lavender or 3 drops Magnolia. Nervousness and anxiety are common symptoms in Graves’ patients. Lavender and Magnolia have high amounts of linalool, a chemical constituent that promotes calm and relaxation. Magnolia has almost double the amount of linalool compared to Lavender. So if Lavender isn’t strong enough to calm nervousness, try using Magnolia instead.

doTERRA Essential Oils are the most potent and powerful essential oils we’ve ever used.

If you don’t already have access to these amazing essential oils, you can purchase them here.

What’s so wonderful about the oils shared in this thyroid formula is that you can use them for so many other things!

Frankincense: clears brain fog, soothes achy joints and soothes head tension (especially the kind with auras!) and promotes healthy cells.

Turmeric: anti-aging, builds collagen when applied with moisturizer, cools systemic inflammation, may help normalize blood sugar when combined with Copaiba and cinnamon oil. Turmeric also promotes healthy cells.

Myhrr: soothes an overactive, unhealthy, immune response, grounds anxiousness, helps immune system eliminate mold spores and fungal challenges.

Lemongrass: purifies and detoxifies the gut and stimulates lymph flow.

Copaiba: balances the Endocannabinoid System, helping your whole body return to balance with greater efficiency, soothes anxiousness and promotes restful sleep and promotes healthy cells.

You can buy all 5 of these oils at a discount here. When you purchase your oils with our special link, you also get a 30 minutes phone appointment (or Zoom video, whichever you prefer), with me (Dr. Melissa) to go over how to use your oils for you and your family.