What really makes us sick in 2020?

If you have spent any amount of time watching mainstream media over the past 4 months, it would appear that the only way to stay healthy is through isolation and crossing your fingers while waiting for a vaccine to arrive for the rescue.

Of course it’s important to avoid contact with those who are actively contagious. However the human body, based on thousands of years of evolution, is quite literally built to strengthen itself in the midst of exposure. There are hundreds of mechanisms within the immune system that help each of us “build up” strong immunity.

Sure, nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E (etc) can help strengthen the immune system. However, a more impactful place to start may with the incessant, yet silent, assaults that weaken the immune system. These assailants are the real threat to long term, strong immunity and therefore true wellness and vitality in 2020.

4 Things That Make Us Sick in 2020

I’m not talking about a specific pathogen strain.

All 4 factors for immune health lie in the toxic junk that deplete immunity over time.

Think of your immune system like a fish in a fish bowl. I use this analogy often because it makes so much sense!

If a goldfish is sick, whats the first thing you think to do? Change the water! The fish is often sick because the environment in which it’s living is making it ill.

The solution is simple: change the water.

This is exactly how to consider immunity. What could be hanging out inside the body, bogging down immunity? What could be making the “water” dirty and therefore weakening the fish (the immune system)?

In 2020, we have A LOT of junk that passively builds up inside our tissue that can effect cellular health and/or DNA integrity. This “junk” has a cumulative effect, ultimately weakening our immune system and leaving us more vulnerable any pathogens that come our way.

1. Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins include processed foods that can be laden with chemical preservatives, neurotoxic food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, Genetically Modified foods or even foods that have been sprayed with pesticides.

Plastics and heavy metals on cookware or food packaging fall into this category as well. Consider your teflon cooking pan, the plastic storage containers you may use to store your warm food in, aluminum foil etc. Even our tap water can be a source of toxicity as it often contains flouride and chlorine, both known immune irritants and hormone disruptors. .

Synthetic fragrances, dyes and chemicals hidden in body care products, hair care products and “beauty” products can also weaken immunity. Heavy metals from dental fillings, lipsticks, makeup and deoderants are common daily exposure sources.

I know this list can seem shocking and seriously inconvenient to most people, but these are well known threats to immune system integrity when exposure is consistent enough. And for most of us, we unknowingly come in contact with many items on this list on a daily basis.

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You can help your body process out toxins by adding 1 drop of Lemon essential oil, by doTERRA, to your filtered water.

2. Stealth Infections

“Bugs” like viruses, mold, parasites and bacteria can sneak into the body, past the immune system and take up residence within tissues for an entire lifetime in some cases.

Depending on the bug, it can either slightly weaken immunity, trigger allergies or cause major immune challenges like autoimmunity, hyper-histamine issues or overall immune suppression.

Foods, herbs and essential oils offer a natural approach to help your body handle these bugs. However if you feel stuck and unable to figure out a natural solution on your own, a lab test like Creating Balance Health (promo code: drme for $20 off) may be the best way to hone in on what can be challenging your immune system.

An evening soak with 1 drop of Rose and 1 drop Black Spruce can calm, ground and help release stress while also giving added protection for cells exposed to EMF stress.

3. Stress

Fear, overwhelm, worry and anxiety whip up gusts of stress hormones that further weaken immunity. For many of us, stress is like a silent hum in the background of our conscious/subconscious minds. For others, bouts of stress can come in surges and tidal waves, but on a consistent basis.

We are wired for the occasional surge of stress, but when they come daily or incessantly, then we start to see the immune system’s strength wane.

4. EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) Pollution

This is a new topic for many, but it’s one that I’ve been lightly studying over the past decade. EMF pollution is a very real challenge for the modern day human health condition. Humans are neurologically fueled beings, so of course it’s worth considering how EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution from electronic devices like Wifi and Smart Meters, may effect our cellular health, DNA integrity, immune system etc.

I’ll be diving deeper into this topic next week. However for starters, take a good look at what EMF pollution could be effecting you in your home.

Where is the Smart Meter in your house? How close is it to any bedrooms in the home? The EMF pollution from the Smart Meter may effect quality of sleep, focus or recovery. Some are more effected then others. Consider where the WiFi is in your home? Do you sleep with it on? We turn our WiFi off at night. Evan and I found that it made a big difference in our quality of sleep. Where is the closest cell phone tower in your neighborhood?

Taking note of silent assaults of EMF is the first step in making changes. You can also use essential oils like Rose and Black Spruce to help support your cells on daily basis.

Next week I’ll be sharing 3 simple things you can do in your home to help lower your burden of EMF pollution and my 2 daily rituals to nourish cell support in the midst of EMF exposure in 2020.

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