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The Wellness Abode

Mold Support Kit

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  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • This kit is Step 4 in our DIY Detox Program. The products are designed to work synergistically to help the immune system address mold and fungal toxicity by increasing oxygen, binding toxins and supporting the body in reestablishing vitality and whole-body wellness. 

    • REMOVE UNWANTED TOXINS: Help the body clear mold and its toxic byproducts. In this phase brain fog can begin to lift and energy levels return.

    • GO DEEPER: Peel away the layers that have stood in the way of optimal health and vibrant living. Turn the tables on everyday toxicity and go deeper. REMOVE UNWANTED ELEMENTS Support the body’s routine detoxification from mild environmental exposures to elemental toxins and man-made contaminants.

    • SUPPORT PROPER ELIMINATION: Promote healthy digestion and elimination of toxins for proper drainage and elimination of unwanted substances.