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Para Phase 2 Kit

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  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • This pure, plant-based kit is Step 3 in our DIY Detox Program, designed to help the body dial in on gut and immune health while also going deeper to effect systemic detox.


    • PARA 1
      Made from the Mimosa Pudica Seed, this fat-soluble supplement has the ability to deliver tangible, visible results. In the digestive tract, Mimosa Pudica seed becomes jelly-like and sticky as it scrubs the gut and grabs unwanted elements in the digestive tract.

    • PARA 3
      Para 3 is designed to absorb deep into tissues to address pathogens other products can’t. The tincture model allows more specific dosing options, letting you increase/decrease per the individual comfort level.

      Bowel Mover is specifically designed to help promote digestive and detox support while executing its primary function of supporting proper bowel function. 

      Designed to get to the source of chronic symptoms by targeting viruses, retroviruses, radiation, and chemical toxins.